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Report French Human Rights Violations


Learn how to report human rights violations anonymously and securely from the French Republic.


You are warned that reporting human rights violations are very dangerous! Do not ever send emails with sensitive information to anybody! You are strongly advised against uploading anything to facebook, youtube, twitter and elsewhere because your material will loose its evidencial values and put your life in danger!


Required tools for reporting human rights violations securely:

  1. Fast Internet Connection.
  2. 2 USB Flash Drive or 2 Memory Card.

Quality Guidelines

While everyone can report past and ongoing human rights violations it is worth to consider the following when preparing for submission:

  1. The report should not be manifestly unfounded or politically motivated.
  2. The report should contain a factual description of the alleged violations of human rights.
  3. The language in the report should not be abusive.
  4. The report should be submitted by a person or a group of persons claiming to be victim of violations or by any person or group of persons, including non-governmental organizations, acting in good faith in accordance with principles of human rights, and free from politically motivated stands or contrary to, the provisions of the Charter of the United Nations, and claiming to have direct or reliable knowledge of those violations substantiated by clear information.
  5. The report should not be exclusively based on reports disseminated by mass media.

Reporting process:

Everyone is strongly advised to follow the instructions bellow!

Step 1:
Download and Install Tails OS

Download Tails OS from the URL and install it to your USB flash drive or memory card.

Step 2:
Get Tor bridges

Visit the URL to get bridges to obsucure your tor traffic. Take a note of this bridges because you will need them when you start Tails in the next step!

Attention! In different countries different type of bridges are used to circumvent censorship and surveillance! If you can't visit the URL above you must email to!

Step 3:
Start Tail OS in bridge mode

Start Tails OS in bridge mode using the tor bridges you have noted down in Step 2.

Step 4:
Connect to our Tor hidden service

You can now safely connect to the tor hidden service where you will find the last step you must take!

The hidden service url:


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